About Port Huron FAMILY Chiropractic

Providing Wellness and Relief for all members of the Family

We opened our doors in the middle of the beautiful Michigan fall, in October of 2011.  We choose Port Huron because it is where Dr. Varty grew up and where the majority of his family resides.  Family and friends where a very important factor when considering where to open and with that in mind Port Huron really became a no brainer. 

Having a office in downtown is perfect for us. Dr. Varty has always had a love for our beautiful historic buildings and vibrant downtown. Opening an office right off Huron Ave is really a dream come true. Being downtown also provides the opportunity of convenience as a result of having a specific parking lot in the back for the businesses and makes it extremely convenient for families that are already meeting up to eat, have coffee, shop, or attending one of the many festivals  in downtown.

Different Atmosphere

Our goal was to provide a unique, warm, and welcoming experience while providing chiropractic care. With that in mind we created an environment that is reminiscent of the historic downtown building the office resides in. The atmosphere is more consistent with you favorite coffee shop or lounge rather than the traditional stale clinic. 

We wanted to make sure that our patients and community could know that they could trust us and that are genuine intention is to serve them and the families that comprise our community. We wanted patients to know that they could come to us for advice and support at any time, and that we would be there and do the best that we can to help.

Our goal is to also have our patients feel empowered and involved in their care and take an active approach into improving their health and well-being, rather then merely "just doing what the doctor says". We strive for a Team approach and continually have a dialogue of what your health goals are and how we can best assist you in achieving them. We make sure to thoroughly explain every aspect of your care and how it is progressing along the way in an effort to assure that we are on the right track and accomplishing what we both set out to accomplish.

Unique Approach

What is unique about our office is our focus on family and pediatrics. We also provide specific chiropractic care that is catered to each individual and what they may or may not have going on. We designed everything from our fees, office layout, and forms with you and your loved ones in mind. We aim to cultivate the "family feel" when you come into our office.

We really have two ideal clients. First, and most commonly, we deal with individuals who are struggling with a specific problem that either just started, or more often, have been dealing with for a long time and have tried almost everything to fix it, but cant seem to get to the bottom of the problem. With our unique approach we have had success with some of the toughest, most persistent issues.

The second type are families that are already living relatively healthy and active lives, but want MORE OF IT! These are the people who are constantly seeking ways to improve their health, their function, their happiness, and their overall vitality.  Our expertise and unique approach to care is specifically designed for this. We are experts at getting people to function at 100% and therefore live their life at their highest capacity.

Chiropractic for Kids

Many people often have two questions about our office… the first of which is, “I didn’t even know chiropractors saw kids?” This is a common question, but one that is easily answered. Pediatric chiropractic is the fastest growing segment of chiropractic care, and about 20% of all chiropractic visits nationwide our pediatric. No matter what your child’s issue, we feel chiropractic can help. Our office helps children with ADHD, allergies, anxiety, asthma, autism, bed-wetting, colic, constipation, ear infections, learning and behavioral issues, sensory processing disorder, and much more!

Kids are a big part of our family-friendly practice.

The second question is, “Is it safe for kids?” This is the easiest answer of them all… chiropractic care for children, and patients of all ages, has repeatedly been shown to be one of the safest forms of health care there is. This becomes even more apparent when compared with the “alternative” to chiropractic and wellness care, drugs. Most times drugs are not tested on children (rightfully so) and therefore pediatric doses are nothing more than ‘best guesses’ and often times can lead to dangerous and damaging side effects. That is not the case with chiropractic!