Dr. Joshua E. Varty

Family Chiropractor

I was fortunate enough to start undergoing regular chiropractic care at a young age. Because of that I simply always thought that chiropractic care was for all families and everyone utilized it to maintain health and well being. As I grew older and became more and more interested in becoming a chiropractor, I realized that the majority of the public was only using chiropractic care for pain based issues, and furthermore, the majority of practices were comprised of individuals and not entire families. That realization is what has driven me to become a chiropractor and do my part to educate my community about the power of chiropractic care for the whole family not only to get them well but also to keep them well.

Journey to Chiropractic

My journey began when I was fairly young. I was always greatly intrigued by chiropractic and often entertained the idea of becoming one. My chiropractor always had fun in the office and it seemed that we were always happy to be there too. This continued to hold true the more and more I visited different chiropractic offices during job shadow opportunities in high school and on my quest to determine if this was something I wanted to pursue. I truly decided to become a chiropractor upon a campus tour of my Alma Matter, LIFE University in Marietta, GA. The campus, the people, and most importantly the unique take on healthcare are what made up my mind. The name of the college alone says it all, LIFE. To me this is what chiropractic was all about. It wasn't about the symptoms, even though it is well known for helping with some of those problems, it was about our expression of life through our nervous systems, which is the system that literally orchestrates every function in our body, and is the antenna with which we perceive our lives through. At that point I knew I was in the right place and was choosing a career that would not only challenge me but continue to be fulfilling year after year for myself, and most importantly, my community.